Thursday, April 17, 2014

I think allopathic medicine is a pox on our nation

I did something yesterday I have not done in 11 years...I went to the doctor. My experience yesterday confirmed that best health I can obtain will come from avoiding all 'regular' doctors. Here is what happened.

First, we're (my husband and I) on Medicaid. Not Medicare, that's for people of a certain age. Medicaid is for people with no money, like us. (So, please donate by clicking the DONATE button to the right) Thank you!
Not many doctors want to take Medicaid patients. Just like Obamacare it's not the best way for them to make enough money to be able to afford new rims for their expensive 'doctor cars'. I'm waiting to see if a particular paleo doctor here in town will take me as a new patient on Medicaid. Fingers crossed.

After a barrage of questions, most focused on substance abuse (I don't 'use', drink or smoke so two rounds of this was annoying) more than medical history, I finally see the doctor. Well, not a doctor, a, 'PA'. What's that? Someone who didn't have the patience, or the 'right stuff', to go through the whole program to become a doctor? Who wants to be seen by someone who just an 'assistant' to the person you really came to see?

The reason why I caved and went to the doctor is because I did something to my foot about 3 weeks ago when I was working out. Yeah, three weeks ago. I was in that much of a hurry. Of course, when the PA poked around on my foot, nothing twinged. Lovely. But all his messing about with my foot made it hurt enough to where I was limping around for the rest of the day. I have a referral to have x-rays taken. Yay, radiation. :(  
I told him I was looking for an anti inflammatory medication I could take instead of acetaminophen because I was  concerned about liver damage. So what does he prescribe? An NSAID!  So skip possible liver damage and head straight toward possible stroke. If doctor's still take an oath to do no harm, what the hell are they doing prescribing medications that can cause strokes, high blood pressure and diabetes? If I thought I could win, I'd sue him just on principle. Do no harm should mean do not prescribe potentially fatal or negatively life altering medications. The one thing I desperately want to have happen, have my tonsils removed, might be considered an elective surgery despite the fact that they are so swollen I choke on them all the time. I'm terrified of getting sick because if they swell, I choke on them. If I cry, or laugh too hard, I choke on them. But because allopathic medicine, and the insurance used to pay for it only works if they get paid to keep patients perpetually ill. Since having my tonsils removed would improve my health and then I would be gone, and not repeatedly filling prescriptions, I'm not worthy of treatment.Removing one's tonsils is not considered necessary unless one has chronic strep. That ended when I changed how i ate by eating the paleo way.
If I took the NSAID and developed complications, it could open the door to the need for more medications. No thanks.
So I continue to read my treasure maps (books on alternative healing methods) to find the buried treasure of good health. Currently, I am reading, or will be reading, the following;

The High Blood Pressure Hoax by Sherry A. Rogers

Detoxify or Die by Sherry A. Rogers

Could it Be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnosis by SallyM. Pacholock

The Clay Cure: natural Healing from the Earth by Ray Knishinsky

Three books about magnesium, one about vitamin K and another about; The miraculous results of extremely high doses of the sunshine hormone Vitamin D3 : my experiment with huge doses of D3 from 25,000 to 50,000 to 100,000 IU a day over a 1 year period
Vitamin D3 miracle series.,  by Jeff T. Bowles.

The paleo diet, while it has been an excellent diet for me, is not enough to remove all the toxins from my system built up over the years from eating according to the SAD pyramid before I die. It's that bad. I'm desperate for an infrared sauna so that I can sweat out the toxins faster. I'd love to have enough money to purchase the vitamins and mineral supplements recommended in the books I read. I get what I can, when I can, but trying to patch together one's health from scraps is counter productive.
I'm not giving anyone medical advice or saying YOU should abandon your doctor. I'm saying that I am tired of being at the mercy of what appears to be a never ending cycle of illness and prescriptions for medications that cause further damage, that exists between our food, and our so-called, 'healthcare' providers.  I want off the merry-go-round of death. Don't you? Why is it that organic food and homoeopathic medicine is only available to those who can afford the high prices of each? Why is there even two types of food and healthcare classifications? Healthcare (REAL HEALTHCARE THAT HEALS not this crap we have that keeps us sick and forking over money to big pharma), and eating GMO free/pesticide free food should be a basic human right. Not something only available for those who can pay for it. Meaning, neither health resource should have unreachable prices attached to them.
Do no harm should be the national mantra, not- get what you can grab. If helping people were the real motivation behind our food and medical systems, no one would be so ill as we are now. 
I've been trying to be my own physician, pharmacist and nutritionist for years now.  Some days are better than others but one thing is for sure, I'm not going to prescribe myself a dangerous medication like a doctor would. I know the motivation behind myself being my own healer... it's to be healthy. Obvious I know. I trust myself more than a doctor who's motivation may not be the most honest, but rather the most financially beneficial to themselves. A doctor who scoffs at recommending anything that cannot end up in monetary gain for themselves is not who I want managing my health. Is that who you want managing your health? A few hours a day spent reading up on the vitamins and minerals in food & supplements is time well spent. Be educated about the medications you take. Ask questions. Be a bit of a nuisance. This is the only body you're going to get. Don't you want it to be as healthy as possible? I do. Which is why I want better healthcare than masking symptoms with dangerous medications. I want my healing to come from the plants and earth that God put here for me to use. We must stop poisoning our pantry and medicine cabinet (the earth) so that we can use it to obtain, and maintain, better health.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Belly dancing as a workout

So many times we see intense workouts using all sorts of items that look like torture devices. Workouts do not have to be 'butch' to be effective. I think belly dancers have some of the most toned and envious figures out there if the dancer is disciplined with her eating and diligent in  her workouts.
Try this ab routine and see if it reaches muscles previously ignored by your other workouts.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week 2 of 100 squats a day challenge

I'm not up to doing 100 squats per day just yet. I started at the beginner level of 10 per day for a week. This week, it's 20 per day. There are multiple squat challenges out there on The Net. a bit of searching will help you find the right program for you.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What does being fit and healthy mean to you?

Is it looking super hot? Being able to squat over 250lbs? Running a marathon? Doing Crossfit everyday? How about losing enough weight to tie your own shoes in such a way so that the bow is centered and not off to one side? Or maybe, being able to walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like you need a paramedic to accompany you, just-in-case?
Being fit and healthy has many levels. It is not just one thing, run a 5k, which seems to be everyone's goal as soon as they drop 20lbs. Being fit and healthy means increasing the chances you will be there for your spouse in your sunset years. It also means not being dependent upon multiple prescriptions just to function at a level far below normal. Being fit and healthy gives you independence. Independence from doctors, oxygen machines, self imposed restrictions due to pain, and weight related physical limitations. Being fit and healthy means freedom.
If you have been living most of your life with restrictions because of being overweight, you are not only a prisoner, but you are also your own jailer. No one is forcing you to be fat and unhealthy. Whatever recording is playing over, and over in your mind, must change. If in your family dynamic you have always been the 'heavy one', you can cast off that mantle and be the 'fit one'. If you have allowed yourself to remain heavy because you didn't want to leave behind friends or family who are overweight, stop it. Do not think for a minute that they would hesitate to lose weight and get into shape with, or without your approval. If you repeatedly go on diets, lose weight and then quickly gain it al back, there is something going on there that needs to be closely examined.
Whatever your reason for remaining unfit, and unhealthy, release yourself from those ties. Give yourself permission to be fit and healthy in whatever manner in which you see yourself living out that dream.
Be your own best friend and best support system. I believe in you. You can do this!

New workout

This one is a bit more advanced than what I usually post.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

They are at it again

A headline in a recent story out of the UK declares that fried food contribute to dementia. Of course, they blame 'compounds' in bacon and eggs for the increased risks of dementia. The bad part of a 'fry-up' is not what you used to fry up your breakfast, and of course not the toast or muffin you ate with it, they only blame the fat and those 'compounds'. Because they all 'know' that fat is eeeeeeviiiilllll!
Well, boiling food is a great way to decrease inflammation caused by cooking food. The darker the shade of your meat (especially the charred part), the worse it is for you to eat it.

However, your brain, and body, needs fat to function. LINK

Eating wheat messes with your head. LINK

There seems to be a new story every day about the dangers of eating fat, and the benefits of eating wheat. Even researching this small post I found many people still championing wheat consumption and sounding down right bitter about the anti-wheat 'fad' as they call it, sweeping the nation. Even a doctor on a well known university research team joked about people not eating wheat. I was surprised at how insensitive he was in his post. Not believing in something is one thing but mocking people for believing differently than you is quite another. Especially when so many of those people you are mocking have first hand experience of life with wheat and without wheat.
I think many times when these stories pop up it's a slow news day. Filler is needed and rather than actually thinking through a story and making some effort with it, a re-hash of bad information' goes to press'.
We are seeing more and more how fake twitter 'news articles' make the rounds in the media. lazy journalism is nothing new. But I know paleo people are smart enough to know better than to believe everything they read about the dangers of fat and the glories of eating wheat.