Monday, November 18, 2013

National Nutrition Month is coming! Paleo-cane is too.

MARCH 2014

Ok, yes, it is a little over 4 months away, but I have a plan...a paleo plan.
The paleo way of eating is still being vilified in lame stream media and in many, poorly researched, blog articles.
My idea is for the paleo community at large, not just we here at the Paleo Rodeo, to bring their best articles and to post a minimum of 3x per week during the month of March, amp up your blog's social media presence. Every post you write you link it to every single social media site to which you belong. Maybe you need to join some or some more, I don't know but I'm envisioning a paleo-cane. A paleo-cane is like a hurricane but instead of devastating effects and an aftermath of destruction, there is left in our wake, informed and enlightened people who decide to try the paleo way of eating and thereby end up enjoying the benefits associated with eating a clean, fat and meat based diet.
The National Nutritional Month's campaign motto is; Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right. Ours is; Enjoy the Taste of Eating Paleo.
Suggested articles topics; why mainstream nutritional guidelines are outdated and unhealthy, why eating meat is important to a healthy diet, recipes-recipes-recipes, success stories (so get ready to tell your story!) how-to transition from the SAD way of eating to the paleo diet, etc.. Start doing research now for the month of March.Try to keep your focus on food and not on working out. Our focus is paleo food. Of course you can write about workout sin the month of March, just do not link them up with the Paleo-cane.
Are you in for the paleo-cane? Let me know. In addition to the paleo Rodeo (which I do not run, the lovely, Diana Hsieh is in charge of that) you will be able to post your articles on a separate link up resource I will put together every week. What does this mean for you? You do not need to be a part of the Paleo Rodeo to do the March Paleo link up.


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How about a Paleo-nado? :)

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