Thursday, October 3, 2013

When are you going to notice you need to make some life saving changes?

I was at a store today and ended up down the same aisle as this couple. When I see people this large, so large that they can not even walk through a store, I wonder how? How did things get this bad? How have they gotten this far into their obesity without questioning their lifestyle or saying to themselves, or each other, 'hey this just doesn't seem right. Let's do something about our weight...together.'
Instead of enabling each other into deadly obesity, why not enable one another into a healthy lifestyle? Feed each others obsession for eating organic vegetables, grass fed/finished meat, and exercise...even if it is, 'just' walking. You may not think walking is such a big deal when it comes to losing weight and improving your health, but look at this photo. If walking is so easy, wouldn't they be able to do it too?
At what point do you make the decision that you would rather be able to eat what you want, even if it means your mod of transportation in doors is an electric cart, and not make the required changes to your eating habits so that you can enjoy the life you have while you can?
Do people that large even read blogs & websites about healthy nutrition and exercise? 
If you are this big or bigger, contact me through this website and let's get you going on the paleo way of eating. You do NOT have to live like this. 

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