Sunday, February 17, 2013

Korean food and the paleo diet

I believe that Asian food is closest to the paleo diet than any other culture's food and what ever dishes are not already paleo friendly, are easily convertible to the paleo diet. The culture's whose food I think is the closest to the paleo diet is Korean food.
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I first fell in love with Korean food as I watched, 'Jewel in the Palace'. A Korean drama about a young girl who grows up in the local palace to become a kitchen lady and later, physician to the king.
Food preparation was a large part of the focus of the series. I was enthralled. We do not have many authentic Korean restaurants here in, Colorado. I am on my own when it comes to cooking the Korean way.
When I make a Korean recipe, I exchange rice vinegar for apple cider vinegar. I omit all rice, bean sprouts & noodles, and anything to do with peppers. I cheat a bit and use GF soy sauce in limited quantities. Asian food emphasises using fresh ingredients, preparing food as you need it (unless you are using a fermented ingredient) and incorporating a variety of foods with every meal. Food is well and evenly seasoned and is intended as a maintainer of health with many recipes created for the express purpose of keeping one healthy or clearing up, if possible, whatever affliction may be present.

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